Greater Works Conference 2014

Europe's premier "Greater Works Conference 2014" began on a high note, with Dr Mensa Otabil, General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church, which has over 600 churches at present, in many nations of the world. He started the three day Conference, speaking about the revelation of the power of the mind. He reminded the church that the mindset, is critical to what God can do with His people. He said, "Your mindset is like spectacles; the spectacles you wear determine how you see the world". He counselled absolute protection of the mindset if we truly want to see Gods glory in our lives. He identified two mindsets which we must avoid. The fixed mindset is one that a person never changes, in spite of evidence that it must be changed. The second he identified, as double mindedness, which is a state of constant indecision. The mindset he advocated for, was a maturing mindset, which is growth minded as described by the apostle Paul in Philippians 3:12-15

Day 2, Leadership session on Vision Dr Otabil, on the morning of the second day, which was a leadership session organised for pastors, leaders and ministry workers, took time to encourage the participants, that by being in the UK, they had been presented with a unique opportunity to develop ministries that could reach out to other nationalities, and people of all races. He built on the foundation of mindsets to advice the gathering to be intentional about building ministries, that would have a wider appeal, since the Gospel was for all nations and all people, and avoid the temptation to build churches that appealed only to Ghanaians, since they are in the UK. He also took questions from leaders who were stuck, and not sure what the next steps should be, and used his personal experiences to motivate all leaders to aspire to be the best, at what they had been called to do.

Day 2, Evening session On the evening of the same night, Dr. Otabil spoke about his burning desire to see that well defined visions are laid bare in the church and used the ICGC vision 2020 as an indication, that if the future is not well defined, it would always be difficult to identify success. He took time to speak to the young generation within the church. He charged them to take the mantle of greatness to the next level. He expressed his deep passion to see them excel at all fields of endeavour, whilst still grounded in the faith. He reminded them that he believes in them, and called them to rise up. Finally, he led the church to pray for them and he blessed them.

Day 3, session on Perseverance On the final day of the conference, he charged the whole assembly to pursue their dreams, in spite of all the challenges and setbacks. He made the rallying call, that even though many could be exhausted, they should still pursue and not give up, and victory will be theirs as it happened to Gideon. The three day conference can only be described as a life changing destiny moment for the participants, who felt that some of the root causes of their setbacks had been well identified. The mindsets, the framework to build a better future was also highlighted and, at the same time leaders who gathered with a hope to receive understanding to bring real impact to their generations, also went back with key principles and nuggets of wisdom and insight, on how to build with the future in mind. The young ones were not left out, as they saw that all the structures being built, were always a platform for their promotion, and left empowered with a new sense of self-worth and value of their faith, and the need to attain excellence in every field of practice.

Finally, for all who felt their lives were not getting better, Dr. Otabil brought a word of encouragement to them, that in spite of being exhausted, they should carry on pursuing their dreams. In simple terms, there was a capsule for everyone who came to the conference, and many have confirmed the need for this conference to be convened every year, to help strengthen the church in Europe, with ministry from Dr. Otabil, one of God's finest apostles and bible teachers, whose ministry continues to raise "Giants" in all sectors of society and all over the world. The huge auditorium which was filled to capacity, session after session, and the impact that has been made on many participants, guarantees that Greater Works 2015 will be even greater.

Make plans to attend, and you will never regret it.

The dates are from Friday July 17th to Sunday 19th July. The time is from 6:30pm each night. Leadership session; Saturday morning from 10:00am to 1:00pm Sunday morning worship service from 9:30am to 12:30pm. The venue is still Frederick Bremer School, Siddeley Road, Walthamstow. E17 4EY